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Naturally extracted tobacco E-liquid (NET) is exactly what it sounds like ground and/or chopped tobacco distilled into either a VG or PG mix. The process retains the pure taste of tobacco in the mixture. Heating can be used to add more flavour or to accelerate the process. Although for the more superior flavour, we use a cold process known as Cold Maceration which is famed for being able to preserve the flavourful nuance of traditional leaf tobaccos.

Due to public and commercial demand, we wanted to create a new, gunk-free extraction method, so we have spent the past 18 months developing and researching new ways to extract tobacco, fruits and herb flavourings from natural ingredients. Our new machinery will now allow us to process upwards of 1000kg of biomass per day, converting it through a 5-stage process into concentrated flavourings for use in e-liquid, food flavourings, essential oils and absolutes.

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Leaf Selection

Only grade-one tobacco is used.

Cold Maceration

Between 8 and 16 weeks.

NET Tobacco Concentrates


Filtered down to 5 microns.

Blended & Bottled

Made in the UK in Lincolnshire.

8-16 Week Cold Maceration Extraction

We use an 8-16 week cold maceration method using only the finest tobacco varieties, sourced from some of the best tobacco farmers in the world. During the production process, absolutely no artificial flavours are added to the leaves. This allows the tobacco to develop its natural flavour and aroma completely. Essentially each leaf is allowed to retain and mature its own signature flavour note. The juices are available in mix ratios of 50:50 and also in nicotine concentrations of 18 mg, 12 mg, 6 mg, 3 mg, and 0 mg which are fully TPD compliant. With the above in mind, it’s worth noting that Drakes’s tobacco passes through a thorough lab screening process to ensure it is free of any harmful content. These include substances such as Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl. This guarantees that the finished product is in its purest form. All our NET Tobacco E-liquid has been fully tested.

Burley Raw Tobacco leaves
Only the Finest Tobacco

Only the finest non-GMO
responsibly sourced
tobacco is used in our e-liquid.

Extracts are our passion and that starts with responsibly sourced tobacco. All our tobaccos are non-GMO certified organic from farms in the EU, Africa, South America and Central America.

There are six grades of tobacco ranging in price from £1500 per ton for grade six to £6000 per ton for a good grade one Virginia. We only source grade-one tobacco for use in our extracts.

Your in Safe hands

Fully Licensed by HMRC
& Registred with the MHRA

We have held a Raw Tobacco Import license with HMRC since 2017 for the importation, processing, and storage of raw tobacco leaves. We were the first UK manufacturer to be granted this license from HMRC to manufacture NET e-liquids. All our e-liquids have been fully tested for the MHRA and TPD, we hold emissions tests, lab reports, nicotine tests, and MSDS sheets for all our products on sale.


Sold in over fifty countries

8 Years

Celebrating eight years!


Bottles sold since 2014

27 Blends

We have over 27 blends

NET Tobacco Concentrates
Tobacco Concentrates

NET Tobacco Concentrates
are now available in
sizes up to 1 Litre

All our flavours are now available as concentrates ranging in size from 30ml to 250ml, we also now manufacture a huge range of natural flavourings under our sister company Drake’s Extracts.

All e liquids and concentrates we sell are extracted from organic biomass and never from artificial sources.

We have invested heavily in the latest flavour extraction machinery at our purpose-built facility in Lincolnshire UK.

Nothing fake here!

Natural Extraction vs
Artificial Tobacco Flavourings

Modern technology has tried unsuccessfully to recreate many of the beautiful things that nature gives us for free. We can see an example of this in the failed attempts by many to reproduce authentic natural flavours in e-liquids.No laboratory-made flavour comes even close to comparing to the rich, complex and full flavour of the real thing.

It is undeniable that if one truly wants to excite their taste buds and all the other senses that come with it, then the natural way will offer them true satisfaction.

Drake’s is based in Lincolnshire in the United Kingdom. We create all our NET Tobacco E-liquid through a natural process to ensure they capture the real essence of the tobacco flavour. The range features a series of e-liquids that are themed around their country of origin, this hints at the products’ exciting flavours.

We do not use any artificial elements in their products, we keep all the ingredients in their pure form.

net tobacco
Our NET Tobacco E-liquid Selection

A World of Choice

American Tobacco Blend E-Liquid

  • 50ml in a 60ml bottle
  • Fully Lab tested
  • Made in the UK
The iconic American blend made famous by Marlboro comprises Flue Cured Virginia, Air Cured Burley and Turkish Oriental tobacco, expect a well-rounded tobacco flavour with nuttiness and sugar notes.

Balkan Tobacco Blend E-Liquid

  • 50ml in a 60ml bottle
  • Fully Lab tested
  • Made in the UK
Our Balkan pipe blend is a combination of Flue Cured Virginia, Dark Fire Cured Kentucky, Cypriot Latakia, Bulgarian Balkan Oriental, Saint James Perique

Burley Tobacco E-Liquid

  • 50ml in a 60ml bottle
  • Fully Lab tested
  • Made in the UK
Drake’s Burley Tobacco E-liquid is yellow to pale orange in colour, but towards white wine at the end. It has a smooth, warm tobacco taste that is accompanied by a gentle sweetness evident throughout your draw. In addition, on the exhale you will taste subtle notes of nuttiness.

Cavendish Tobacco E-Liquid

Cavendish Tobacco Blend E-Liquid Drake’s Cavendish Tobacco Blend E-liquid is manufactured from a type of tobacco that is produced using

Cuban Havana Cigar E-liquid

Drake’s Havana is a Yellow to light orange shade. The smell is sweet with a light nutty sensation. The taste is smokey, with a prominent sweet taste and a mild spicy flavour merged with the flavour of a moderate strapping Havana cigar tobacco.

Ecuadorian Seco Cigar E-Liquid

Ecuadorian Seco Cigar Vape Juice This unique cigar blend uses the finest Dominican filler and a silky, creamy Ecuador Shade

English Pipe Tobacco Blend E-liquid

English Pipe Tobacco Blend E-liquid Drake’s English pipe tobacco blend E-liquid is a combination of Flue Cured Virginia, Cypriot Latakia,

Greek Basma Oriental E-liquid

Stacked Greek Basma Oriental E-liquid Greek Basma Oriental Tobacco E-liquid is a premium tobacco variety that has a rich history

Havana Reserva Cigar E Liquid

Havana Reserva Cigar E Liquid Drake’s Havana Reserva Cigar E-Liquid has been macerated for 6 months to ensure a deep

Kentucky Mild Tobacco E-Liquid

The hue of Drake’s Mild  Kentucky E-liquid has a yellowish-orange darkish tint. The smell is smokey and mildly ashen. This e-liquid is a distinctive fragrant Kentucky tobacco, with a slightly smoky taste tinged with a woody flavour.

Kentucky Tobacco E-liquid

Fire-Cured Kentucky Tobacco E-liquid Drake’s Fire-Cured Kentucky Tobacco E-liquid has a yellowish-orange darkish tint. The smell is smokey and mildly

Krumovgrad Oriental Tobacco E-Liquid

Bulgarian Krumovgrad Oriental Tobacco E-Liquid Drake’s Krumovgrad Oriental Tobacco E-Liquid is made from Krumovgrad Oriental tobacco which is a type

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