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Vaping Abroad: Navigating Holiday Destinations 2023

Vaping Abroad: Navigating Holiday Destinations 2023

Beenish Zaidi |

Vaping Abroad: Navigating the Rules in Popular Holiday Destinations in 2023

If you're an e-cigarette enthusiast, travelling can often pose a question: "Can I vape there?" Given the diversity of vaping regulations around the world, understanding local rules before jet-setting to your next holiday destination is paramount. So, to avoid any hiccups on your next getaway, let's explore vaping regulations in some of the most popular travel destinations for Brits.

1. European Union (EU)

The TPD Regulations
Within the EU, the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) regulates e-cigarettes. Most countries have a similar approach, but nuances do exist.

  • E-liquid Bottles: Limited to 10ml
  • Nicotine Strength: Max 20mg/ml
  • Tank Size: No more than 2ml

Popular EU Destinations:

  • France: Vaping is widely accepted, but refrain from using e-cigarettes in enclosed public spaces.

  • Spain: Vaping is permitted, but not in public places like bars, restaurants, or public transport.

  • Italy: Vaping has become popular, but avoid doing so in public buildings or transport.

2. USA

Vaping Variability
The USA’s federal government has general guidelines on vaping, but regulations often differ between states.

  • Age Limit: 21 years or older.

  • Flavoured Cartridges: Many states have banned flavoured e-cigarette products due to youth vaping concerns.

Travel Tips:

  • Airports: Vaping is prohibited within the terminals of most US airports. However, some provide designated areas.

  • National Parks: Vaping is treated the same as smoking, so it's restricted to designated areas.

3. Asia

Diverse Rules Across Countries
Asia's approach to vaping varies dramatically between countries.

  • Thailand: E-cigarettes are banned entirely. Possession or trying to bring one into the country can lead to hefty fines or imprisonment.

  • Japan: Vaping is legal, but e-liquids containing nicotine are prohibited.

  • Singapore: E-cigarettes are banned. Importing, buying, or using can result in significant penalties.

4. Australia & New Zealand

Down Under Regulations

  • Australia: Vaping devices can be used, but selling nicotine e-liquids is illegal. However, personal importation for use is allowed with a prescription.

  • New Zealand: Vaping is legal and has become increasingly popular. From August 2021, the sale of vaping products is limited to those 18 years and older.

5. Middle East

Stringent Rules in Place

  • UAE: E-cigarettes were once banned but are now legal and available for sale. Use them as you would traditional cigarettes, in designated smoking areas.

  • Saudi Arabia: Vaping is permitted, but public vaping might attract unwanted attention, so it's advised to vape discreetly.

6. Africa

Vaping on the Rise but with Restrictions
Few African countries have outright bans on vaping, but rules are inconsistent.

  • South Africa: A hotspot for British tourists, vaping is legal but under review, so regulations may change.

  • Egypt: Vaping is permitted, but it's less popular than in Europe or the US. It’s wise to stick to tourist areas when vaping.

Tips for Vaping Abroad:

  1. Research in Advance: Before jetting off, research your destination's vaping rules.

  2. Pack Smart: Ensure your devices are packed in your hand luggage, as many airlines prohibit them in checked luggage.

  3. Be Respectful: If unsure, always ask before vaping, especially in public places or someone's home.

  4. Stock Up: If heading to a destination with strict e-liquid regulations, it's a good idea to stock up before leaving the UK.

In Conclusion

Being informed is key to ensuring a stress-free holiday experience for vaping enthusiasts. While vaping is gaining global popularity, its regulations differ across countries. Respect local customs and always be aware of the rules to make the most of your holidays abroad.

So, before you set off on your next adventure, remember to check the rules, pack wisely, and vape respectfully. Safe travels and happy vaping!