Wholesale Tobacco E-Liquid UK

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If you’re a fan of tobacco e-liquids, then you’re in for a treat with Drake’s Wholesale E-liquid – an online e-liquid company that provides high-quality, naturally extracted tobacco e-liquids and DIY flavorings. With their range of 27 50ml tobacco e-liquids, 8 tobacco fusions, and 27 e-liquid flavorings, Drake’s has become a leading choice for vapers who enjoy the authentic taste of tobacco.

What sets Drake’s Wholesale E-liquid apart is its commitment to using only the finest ingredients to create its e-liquids. Unlike many other e-liquid companies that use artificial flavorings, Drake’s relies on natural extracts to create their flavors. This means that every vape of Drake’s e-liquid is packed with rich, complex flavours that are true to their tobacco origins.

In addition to our e-liquid range, We also offer a wide range of DIY supplies, including Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin in 60ml, 250ml, 1-litre, and 5-litre containers. This makes it easy for vapers to create their own custom blends using Drake’s high-quality base ingredients.

For those who prefer a more traditional vaping experience, Drake’s offers a TPD-compliant range of 10ml e-liquids available in 5 unique tobacco blends in 3, 6, 12, and 18mg nicotine strengths. These pre-made e-liquids are perfect for vapers who want the convenience of a ready-to-vape product without sacrificing quality or flavor.

Our range of liquids has been thoroughly tested and comes with MSDS sheets, lab reports and
are TPD compliant for the following European countries:-

Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Great Britain, Germany, Ireland,
Finland, France, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands and Spain

For countries outside the EU, we can mix or pre-mix the e-liquids in either
freebase or salt nicotine at your own desired strengths

If you would like to be a retailer please email wholesale@drakeseliquid.com or call us on

TEL.  01522 387053

(Mon-Friday 9am-6pm)