Paine’s Peppermint Tobacco E liquid

Paine’s Peppermint Tobacco E liquid


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Named after Thomas Paine (American 1632–1715) during the late 17th century, raided several Spanish settlements. He participated in a raid with Jan Willems, looting Rio de la Hacha in 1680 as well as driving the French out of Block Island. In June of the same year, Paine joined forces with Michel de Grammont and a captain named Wright at Blanquilla Island. Together with 50 men they successfully raided the town of Cumana although it was defended by 2,000 Spanish soldiers.


Made from Turkish Oriental tobacco is grown in the Marmara-Thrace region of Turkey, expertly blended with naturally extracted peppermint.


The unique Turkish Oriental grown in the Marmara-Thrace region gives a classic spicy, earth and fresh Turkish Oriental flavour, complimented by a refreshing naturally extracted peppermint.


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