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Drake’s Menthol


50% VG – 50% PG

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Drake’s Menthol
& Virginia Tobacco

As of Monday 16th March 2020 all UK and Ireland Drake’s retail are now being managed by Nature Vape our official UK distributor 

Click the link above to visit their website and use the code: JUICE20 for 20% off your purchase!

We will resume non UK,  EU and International sales through this website in 4 weeks.

Characteristics: This yellow/pale orange e-liquid has an icy, minty, yet powerful smell. The menthol e-liquid also has a noticeable Virginia tobacco taste but as the mint gradually builds, it overtakes that taste and gives a cooling, icy wave of menthol when you exhale. The icy mint is perfect to satisfy an ex-menthol smoker’s appetite without having to resort to an artificial and otherwise overpowering mint.

Smooth and natural, Drakes Menthol Tobacco E-liquid distinguishes itself from most menthol e-liquids not only with distinct taste but also with a delicate balance of ingredients as well. The tobacco is not overwhelming, the icy mint flavour is neither subtle nor overpowering on the exhale.

Unlike other menthol e-liquids, this e-liquid uses naturally extracted menthol (by cold maceration). Drake’s Menthol Tobacco E-liquid is your ideal natural mint-infusing tobacco e-liquid.

Virginia Tobacco Leaf

Virginia is the number one tobacco variety by popularity in the world today, Invented in Virginia, USA, where it is still grown today, about 65% of America’s total tobacco output is Virginia. Virginia is by far the mildest of all the different types of tobacco and has the highest levels of natural dextrose (sugar), which gives Virginia its unique sweetness. As a result, Virginia is used in all types of tobacco blends, including cigarettes, rolling tobacco and pipe blends.

Flue Curing

The Virginia Tobacco Leaf is cured in an enclosed area which is heated but does not come into contact with any smoke. The end result is a tobacco high in sugar content with a very bright yellow colour, hence the name Bright Leaf.

Naturally Extracted Menthol by Cold Maceration

We extract our menthol flavouring the same way we do our tobacco by cold maceration, to preserve the natural flavouring.

Organically Grown In Virginia, USA

Our Organic Flue Cured Virginia Tobacco leaf varieties are grown on a large tobacco farm in Virginia, USA, with a long history of producing the world’s finest Virginia tobacco.

Cold Extraction Process 

After leaf selection, our master blenders cold macerate the tobacco leaf blend for between 5-9 weeks, stirring them daily to ensure a full-bodied flavour.

We then use an 8 stage natural filtration process to remove all the tobacco leaf from the final liquid concentrate.

Who Should Vape our Menthol Virginia

Menthol Virginia is very popular with ex-menthol cigarette and roll up smokers due to its natural authentic tobacco taste and complimentary menthol undertones.


Technical info

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No Gunk! Our tobacco e-liquids contain no artificial flavourings, sweeteners or chemical additives, so your coil remains gunk free!

Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Naturally Extracted Flavouring, Nicotine

Nicotine Strengths: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg

Packaging: Tamper Evident, Child Proof Cap 10ml TPD Compliant Plastic Bottles

Ratio: 50% VG – 50% PG

USE CODE. drakes20
Free First Class UK delivery on orders over £15

Additional information

Bottle size ML / Nicotine MG

10ml – 0mg, 10ml – 3mg, 10ml – 6mg, 10ml – 12mg, 10ml – 18mg, 3x10ml – 0mg, 3x10ml – 3mg, 3x10ml -6mg, 3x10ml – 12mg, 3x10ml – 18mg

8 reviews for Drake’s Menthol

  1. 5 out of 5

    I was very lucky to have been asked by JP to test and review a selection of the new range of Drakes e-liquids.

    I am an ex menthol (filter) tobacco and cannot get along with artificial flavouring due there acidity. And due to the very limited supply of good net liquids on the market jumped at the chance to try their menthol juice.

    The first thing that gets me is the smoothness of the vape, with my usual net brand I have to vape it as much higher wattage to get half the flavour I get from this at a much lower setting.

    The Virginia tobacco is spot on, actually more satisfying than a real menthol rolly, as there is much more flavour in the vape, and you can really taste the menthol on the exhale, not too subtle, not too over powering either, and really nice pairing.

    Really am impressed by this, and the price is fantastic at £9 cheaper than my other brand.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Drakes is easily the best menthol tobacco juice I have had the pleasure of vaping so far, really surprised at how accurately they have managed to replicate the ‘real’ tobacco flavour through their cold maceration process, as it’s the only tobacco juice I have had that tasted like the real thing, the other I have had have always had that synthetic cheap feel to them.

  3. 4 out of 5

    An absolutely delightful blend, very impressed!

  4. 5 out of 5

    Not great at writing these things but here goes…

    Was very surprised to try this menthol tobacco blend, nearly all the ones I have tried have been very artificial tasting or nothing like a menthol cigarette, they seem to miss the point that the tobacco should be subtle like a menthol cigarette or roll up, tasting the menthol over the tobacco is essential for me, and Drakes have pretty much replicated the true taste of a menthol cigarette or roll up with this blend, the Virginia tobacco tastes really authentic ( I suppose being naturally extracted means it should do). Apparently, the menthol is also a natural extraction which could explain why it’s so damn good. If like me you want an e-liquid that will replicate a menthol cigarette perfectly, say a Marlboro Menthol or similar or you like menthol filter tips in your roll ups then Drakes Menthol, in my opinion, is the closest you will ever get.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Hi i am not a menthol fan at all but was looking for a descent menthol to refresh the taste buds this juice is the best menthol out there in my view, nice to vape now and then, a menthol fan will love this.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Drakes Menthol is easily the best menthol tobacco juice I have tried to date. I would say, even better than the Black Note Solo….

  7. 5 out of 5

    I’ve been trying to get my mom quit smoking for a while now.
    I’ve bought her a dozens of devices and liquids and non of them worked for her, until drakes menthol.

    She used to smoke a very heavy local cigarette, also Marlboro mentols here and there. She is using Endure T22 with Drake’s Menthol and now she is hooked Will be ordering more.

    This is a perfect substitute for people smoking regular menthol cigarettes and wanting to quit.

  8. 5 out of 5

    Hands down the best menthol eliquid you will find. It’s subtle notes of Virginia tobacco come through on the exhale along with the fresh menthol which is more prominent on the inhale. I was lucky enough to have tested this flavour before release and if your looking for a similarity it’s like an amber leaf roll up with a menthol filter in. In no way does this taste artificial it’s a very natural And very Morish subtle vape 10/10

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